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Acrylic WindowsAcrylic windows give you the ability to turn your lanai into an extra room with the visual clarity of glass. At the same time, it’s safer and lighter in weight. Because aluminum frames expand and contract in the heat and the acrylic does not, some competitor’s windows have the tendency to dome or cup. When the acrylic is domed or cupped they can scratch against the other piece of acrylic, because of this our acrylic windows have 1 1/8” separation between the panes. Acrylic windows are available in vertical or horizontal sliders. With acrylic windows both vents are operable and removable and can be ordered to be mounted from the inside or outside. Acrylic windows can also be a picture style window to let the most light in and also can be built in a variety of shapes and sizes to go where no vented window could ever go.



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