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Storm PanelsAluminum and steel storm panels are the most economical way of protecting the openings of a structure, steel being more economical of the two. In the aluminum storm panel catergory there are two different gauges of metal, .050 and .062. The .050 is standard for most residential openings and .062 is for larger predomintly commercial projects. When comparing aluminum and steel panels, the aluminum panels are much lighter to handle and will be much more corrosion resistant, even thought the steel panels are galvanized, when they are cut and drilled the non-galvanized becomes exposed. There are two ways for storm panels to be mounted, vertically or horizontally and both offer the same level of protection. Typical horizontal mount is trackless so therefore costs less and looks better, but it is more difficult to deploy in the event of a storm and can take two people. Vertically mounted storm panels usually have a top and bottom track which remain on the house year round, they are much easier to deploy and can usually be done with one person without a ladder. Most people will use a combination of the two types depending on the situation. For detailed information on measuring and ordering, please click the “measuring and ordering” button below.



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