Siding Soffitt Fascia At Affordable Aluminum we not only supply Vinyl siding and soffitt, hard to find aluminum soffitt, and custom bent fascia. We have a full service break metal shop for all your bent, cut, and slit sheet metal needs. We can create a single piece of metal to wrap just about anything. We carry .024 and .030 aluminum coil stock on a 5000 lb roll, enabling us to roll out 1 foot to 1000 feet in exact lengths. Once we have your length we can slit the material down from the standard 16”, 20” 24” or 36” to whatever your needs require. Our siding, soffitt, and fascia department can find it, form 30 year old avocado siding to double four lanced peach soffitt. Not only do we carry standard builders grade and performance grade vented and non-vented soffitt as well as all the standard J-Channels, inside/outside corners, starters strips, and much much more in white ready for immediate delivery, but we can also get just about any color and quantity in stock for a next day delivery. Over the years we have amassed quite a large collection of one and two pieces of some of the most difficult to find colors and shapes. If you are having trouble finding a particular part, just send us a picture or a piece! Please select one of the buttons below for more information.

Siding Soffit Fascia
Break Metal


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