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Screen RoomsAn Affordable Aluminum screen room can be as simple as one wall closing in an opening to a room on the back of your house and a solid composite roof. To get a better understanding of screen rooms we will break it down into two distinct parts, the walls and the roof. A typical screen wall is 8 foot tall but can be up to two stories tall, the size of the upright or vertical posts used is determined by the overall height and your particular wind zone.
The most common wall extrusion is a 2x3. Depending on height, you typically do not want to exceed 8 foot openings and a chair rail 3 foot above the ground or a 16 or 24 inch tall kick plate is normal (please see pictures of kick plates and chair rail). Most doors are 36” wide and 80” tall, although custom doors can be fabricated. The bottom channel is called an open back and is a U-shaped extrusion that gets attached to the floor, usually by tap cons. The top “Beam” can be anywhere form a 2x3 up to a 2x10 depending on roof type, size, and wind loads.
The roof can either be screen, pans, or composite. The insulating factor and overall size of the room will determine what type of roof you would use. A screen roof is the least expensive, although large ones require fairly hefty and expensive beams. A pan roof is a series of 12” wide u-shaped sheet aluminum that are as long as required (12-13 foot maximum), they keep the rain and direct sun out, but have no other insulating qualities and can in fact create an “oven” effect under the pans. We do offer a kit to insulate the pan roof, but that is a better choice for those who already have a pan roof and are looking to upgrade. A composite roof is two sheets of aluminum that sandwich a piece of insulating foam, typically three inches thick. The composite roofing system is extremely strong, well insulated, and gives you the ability to upgrade to a glass or vinyl style window without much adaptation.
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