At Affordable Aluminum we have thousands of hard to find parts in stock ready for immediate delivery or pickup. From the 20 year old window crank to clamshell awning replacement arms (we also manufacture clamshell awnings!). If we do not have the exact item you are looking for in stock we can most likely have it next day. We are constantly upgrading and adding to our stock items to give you the items you need. Our fabricated items include hard to find items such as offset carport posts, custom mobile home windows, custom colored clamshell awnings, scroll posts, trim and fascia, siding and skin, faux brick molding, stairs and railing, shed extensions, carports, screen rooms, and even new mobile home set-ups just to name a few. Please click the button below labeled “mobile home parts” for a comprehensive list.


“Comprehensive list under construction, please call or with requests”


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