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Residential Gutters Residential gutter is usually a 6” K-style gutter. It is custom rolled from a coil stock to make exact lengths; the machine is on a trailer giving us the ability to roll out the gutter on the job site (minimums apply). The standard colors are white, bronze, royal brown, and ivory although there are many more choices that can be special ordered (minimums apply). With a gutter project you may need inside and outside 90 degree mitres, hidden hangers or gutter spikes, end caps for left and right, drop outlets to transition to the downspout, the downspout system with A and B elbows (A elbows go from the back to the front and B elbows go side to side). There are two choices of downspouts to choose from, either the 2x3 or the 3x4, the 3x4 is the most popular to use in conjunction with the 6” K-style gutter.



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